glass : facade #03


kapilux, insulated glass

Kapilux is an insulating glass with an integrated capillary slab consisting of a large number of honeycomb-structured thin-walled transparent or white capillaries. This capillary slab can be integrated into different kinds of insulating glass, and it diffuses light effectively.


kapilux, insulated glass

citron showroom paris

citroen store, paris

citroen flagship store

citroen store, paris

Energy transmission, light transmission, and light diffusion can be adapted to the facade orientation and the room behind the facade.

New York based firm, Peter Marino had designed Chanel Flagship store in Tokyo using this Kapilux product with 700,000 embedded LEDs for the facade system.


chanel fagship store, tokyo by peter marino architects

The massive display can project footage of fashion show runway scenes or an electronic version of Chanel’s iconic black-and-white tweeds on a larger-than-life scale. In transparent mode, the structure offers clear views inside or outside. The electronic mille-feuille can also transform from see-through to opaque, thanks to a combination of 3,675 square feet of canvas scrim and electronically controlled privacy glass.


chanel flagship store, tokyo


chanel flagship store, tokyo


chanel flagship store, tokyo


interior view of chanel, tokyo



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