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long chair

Sschemata designed a long chair for Nippon Institute of Technology in April, 2008 .This is a donative to celebrate completion of Centurial Memorial Building of Nippon Institute Of Technology. The chair is made of one seamless steel pipe which draw the section shape of chair. And a seamless steel pipe draw various ways to sit.

long chair, steel pipe

long chair, steel pipe

long chair, steel pipe

long chair, steel pipe

Model: Long Chair

Material: 27φ steelpipe, galvanized

photo: Takumi Ota


museum of daylight

art museum of Bregenz, peter zumthor


art gallery of bregenz, peter zumthor


The facade consists of etched glass shingles with several functions: they lend the building’s main body lightness with their transparency, insulate against cold and heat and form an essential part of the lighting arrangement for the building. The incoming light is refracted for the first time on the facade before entering the interior.

bregenz_peter zumthor

art gallery of bregenz, peter zumthor


art gallery of bregenz, peter zumthor

The facade was designed as a self-supporting construction, completely independent from the actual building. Steel framework elements make up the construction which supports the glass shingles on the outside as well as the glasswork on the inside of the structure. In this way it covers the completely free-standing concrete building like a double casing. Between the outer and inner glasswork there is a 90-centimetre wide light pit that makes it possible to direct daylight to the first subterranean level. This gap is equipped with cleaning lifts used for the servicing and maintenance of the building. In addition, it accommodates the lighting installation which illuminates the Kunsthaus during the night.  [ Kunsthaus Bregenz official website ]

book_newglass architecture

bregenz facade, peter zumthor


bregenz facade, peter zumthor


bregenz facade, peter zumthor


The Kunsthaus Bregenz was conceived as a daylight museum. The facade made of glass shingles serves as a skin to diffuse daylight which first passes through rows of windows and then through the light ceilings in the halls.


bregenz stair way, peter zumthor

Although the light has been refracted three times (glass facade, insulating glasswork, illuminated ceilings), it illuminates the halls differently depending on the time of day or year. In this way, a natural lighting atmosphere is created although the building has no visible windows. Over the hanging light ceiling, specially developed pendulum lamps, controlled by an exterior light sensor on the Kunsthaus roof, have been installed that complement the daylight. Every lamp can be controlled separately or as a group and can be infinitely dimmed (light management system Luxmate professional).


bregenz interior, peter zumthor


bregenz ceiling, peter zumthor


bregenz ceiling, peter zumthor

 The pendulum lamps hang in pairs at a 90° angle to one another and are equipped with 58 Watt fluorescent lamps and diffusion attachments. [ Kunsthaus Bregenz official website ]


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