fabric : js bach chamber music hall

JS bach chamber music hall

client: manchester international festival

programme: chamber music hall

architects: zaha hadid archtects

site area: 17m x 25m


zaha hadid architects

text from zaha hadid architects:

” ….. The design enhances the multiplicity of bach’s work through a coherent integration of formal and structural logic. A single continuous ribbon of fabric swirls around itself, creating layered spaces to cocoon the performers and audience with in an intimate fluid space. The process of realizing the design involved architectural considerations of scale, structure and acoustics to develop a dynamic formal dialogue inseparable from its intended purpose as an intimate chamber music hall.  Layering of spaces and functions is achieved through the ribbon wrapping around itself, alternately compressing to the size of a handrail then stretching to enclose the full height of the room. Circulatory and visual connections are continually discovered as one passes through the multiple layers of space delineated by the ribbon…..”

js bach chamber music hall

js bach chamber music hall

” ….. The ribbon itself consists of a translucent fabric membrane articulated by an internal steel structure suspended from the ceiling. The surface of the fabric shell undulates in a constrain but changing rhythm as it is stretched over the internal structure. It varis between the highly tensioned skin on the exterior of the ribbon and the soft billowing effect of the same fabric on the interior of the ribbon. Clear acrylic acoustic panels are suspended above the stage to reflect ad disperse the sound, while remaining visually imperceptible within the fabric membrane …..”

js bach chamber music hall

 ” ….. Programmed lighting and a series of dispersed musical recordings activate the spaces between the ribbon outside of performance times. The installation is designed to be transportable and re-installed in other similar venues. Pivotal to its funtion is the performance of he ribbon. It has been designed to simultaneously enhance the acoustic experiene of the concert while spatially defining a stage, an intimate enclosure, and passaeways…..”

js bach chamber music hall



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