rucksack house

rucksack house

project: rucksack house

designer: stefan Eberstadt

total area: 9 sqm

The Rucksack house is a walk-in sculpture with its own spatial quality, which is also an attempt to explore the boundary between architecture and art. This can be transformed into a house extension, as a cheaper and faster alternative to usual extensions.

rucksack house

While still being inside a private atmosphere filled with light, one has the impression of floating outside of the confines of the actual dwelling above the public space. Folddown furnishings and a multitude of built-in openings on the inside provide extra living space with direct daylight. Sections of the walls unfold, with the help of hidden magnets, into a desk, shelves, and a platform for reading or sleeping.

rucksack house

rucksack house

rucksack house

rucksack house

 The Rucksack box is suspended from steel cables that are anchored to the roof or to the facade of the existing building. The construction is a welded steel cage with a light birch veneered plywood interior cladding. The outside cladding is exterior grade plywood with an absorbent resin surface punctuated by plexiglas inserts.  Lifted up in place with the help of a crane, the house can be dismantled and relocated.

rucksack house

The project had been assembled in three German locations: Leipzig, Köln and Essen.


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