UCLA http://www.aud.ucla.edu/ 

Berlage Institute   http://www.berlage-institute.nl/

University of Cincinnati   http://www.daap.uc.edu/gallery/

Columbia University   http://www.arch.columbia.edu/

Cornell University   http://www.aap.cornell.edu/arch/

University of Pennsylvania Architecture Department   http://www.design.upenn.edu/architecture

AA School   http://www.aaschool.ac.uk/

Harvard Graduate School of Design   http://www.gsd.harvard.ed/

Rice University  http://arch.rice.edu//modules/indexwin.php

Syracus Univesity   http://soa.syr.edu/index.php

University of Michigan   http://taubmancollege.umich.edu/architecture/

Boston Architectural College   http://www.the-bac.edu/

University of Washington   http://depts.washington.edu/archdept/

Princeton University of Architecture   http://soa.princeton.edu/01sch/sch_frame.html

Kent State University College of Archi & Environmental Design   http://www.caed.kent.edu//

University of Texas Austin   http://soa.utexas.edu/

Tulane University School of Architecture   http://architecture.tulane.edu/gallery/

Helsinki University, Aalto School of Science & Technology     http://arkkitehtuuri.tkk.fi/engl/index.htm

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